Apicure lip balm

Apicure is a family run business from the north of Greece, that produces products and cosmetics with natural ingredients - most important of which, is honey.
For Apicure we designed a new identity and also helped design the packaging for their new products. The first packaging we did though, was for an existing product, their lip balm.
The Apicure lip balm was the first product to feature their new logo and also get a complete packaging redesign. The aim for the packing to reflect the all natural ingredients of the product. For that reason a kraft paper container was selected.
A bold black and white design was used, and the main feature of the packaging is the drop, that is also featured in their logo. In this case the drop (to represent honey and their products) acts as a window to the natural container.
At the same time, the ingredients also have a prominent role in the design, to reinforce the sense that there are really no chemicals and only natural, eco friendly ingredients are used.
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