Hoteliers Association of Corfu

The Hoteliers Association of the island of Corfu in Greece, is in the process of restructuring itself and also creating a new image. They are moving into new offices and they have a new, younger council.

Part of this remake, was to replace their dated logo with a new one.
The new logo, would have to have a connection with Corfu and also include tradition and continuity. It had to represent the long history of the tourist industry on the island and at the same time reflect everything positive about hospitality.
Trust and experience should also be reflected.
The logo would have to stand out on the island, but also represent the association in the whole of Greece. among its peers.
It was important to show something of Corfu and its traditions, but at the same time, avoiding the cliches that have overwhelmed the island's identity. Most importantly Corfu's symbol (a rudderless ship) should be avoided (in its current) form, since it has been over used on the island and because it also resembles countless other ship logos/symbols all over Greece.
After the initial research, a subtle traditional element from Corfu's medieval architecture was selected. An architectural element that usually passes unnoticed.
The iron decoration over doorways (πορτόνια) that can be found in noble's and common people's houses, both in Corfu Town and the island's villages.
These iron elements decorate the open doors that welcome the tourists and visitors. These open doors are the first step of proper hospitality.
After a day of photographing doorways and its decorations, a few were selected and rough sketches where created on illustrator.
A specific design stood out, both because it was very geometrical and also because it could show quite well in a number of different sizes. Also it could look very modern in the right context. This designed was cleaned up, and designed again with small changes from the initial metal design.
The first draft was created in black and white and in two versions. Horizonta (client's request) and vertical for use in smaller areas. The logo was tested in both English and Greek
One problem that came up, was that even though the symbols had very clean lines, it wouldn show very well in small sizes. The lines were made thicker but also another approach was used. The lines where made uneven, the corners not so smooth and a more "hand made" feel was applied. This version was created to mimic the old metal bars, covered with layers of paint of the original doorways' decoration.
Even though the straigh thicker lines showed up better (slightly) in smaller sizes, the overall feel of the uneven lines, was a "warmer" more welcoming one, and they were selected for the final logo.
The final stage was to try some colours (some requested by the client). A darker red was selected, one of the two traditional colours of Corfu, along with a cooler more professional grey.
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Hoteliers Association of Corfu

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