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Dr Kavvadia is an exceptional producer of extra virgin olive oil, and also an Organic Farm, located in Corfu - Greece.
In the Spring of 2022, Dr Kavvadia, organised and hosted a series of three separate seminar/workshops, that brought together their extra virgin olive oil with wine, beer and herbs (and of course food!).
In the events, various producers, professionals and businesses participated in order to display their products and expertise, to the public.
For the promotion of these events, we designed a series of posters as well as social media artwork.
Each poster was designed both in colour and in black & white (greyscale). Also they were designed in both English and Greek. That proved to be a challenge, in the sense that all fonts had to feature both alphabets. In the only case that this was not possible, a Greek version of the font was created (just for the text used).
For each even, we designed four posters in total.
The main version was then adjusted for use in social media - posts and stories.
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Dr Kavvadia Events

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