Barista Street Cafe

Barista is a local cafe that even though it has a small sitting area, it serves mostly take away and also offers a delivery service. Coffees and drinks, sandwiches, light snacks and salads.
In 2017 it was refurbished completely and an interior designer (Spyridoyla Agathou) was brought in to design the new cafe. It was considered the right time to design a new identity, since the cafe didn't have one. The logo used so far, was just downloaded from the internet and everything else was designed by the different companies that provided the cups, boxes etc. There was no actual identity.
We had to take into consideration that the brand might expand in the future and become a chain, so the new identity would have to compete with other chains that cover not just the local market.
For designing the logo, we decided early on, not to follow the current trend of round designs (think Starbucks) but to create something that would be fit more to an artisan coffee shop (since the shop prides itself for its coffee), but that at the same time, would be suitable for small chain. We also stayed away from the usual colours, and decided to go with black and white.
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Barista Street Cafe

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